Asbestos is a pure mineral rock made up of robust fibres that have hearth, chemical and warmth resistant properties.The issue of who has accountability for the illegal dumping response, prevention and file retaining is one which not one of the organisations concerned seem to agree on. Municipal Association of Victoria president, councillor Bill Mc… Read More

Generally, undisturbed asbestos cement products do not pose a health risk, because the fibres are certain together in a strong cement matrix. There is no need to take away or coat asbestos cement supplies that are in good condition. All asbestos cement products may be eliminated safely with out causing a danger to the public or staff offered safe w… Read More

Welcome to Zero ASBESTOS. Please take the time to look by way of our website and get a quote, contact us or call us on 1800 081 081 for extra data.Radiotherapy (therapy with radiation, using x-rays) to small areas of the chest can usually help management pain and lumps that grow up from the surgical scars. It has typically not been used to deal wi… Read More

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral made up of tiny fibres. It is strong and warmth resistant, which is why it was generally used in a variety of building products, comparable to roofing, cement sheeting, pipes, insulation, electrical fittings, floor tiles and other building supplies.US National Cancer Institute. Asbestos Exposure an… Read More

Existing Members & Customers: First go to right here? We have already created an account for you. Please request a new password and comply with the account activation instructions.The Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) is here to assist anyone who is affected by an asbestos related illness - whether or not immediately or indirectly. ADSS is r… Read More